Watch Your Legs!

Nice morning for a big turnout at Ring Run.

The Thang:

  • 2 cars pulling in right at 5:30 so we took a jog around the parking lot to let these tardy fellas catch up (MMOB and Nabisco).  Common theme at Ring Run, what kind of ship are you running, Tardy??  And, we were off…
  • Fast mosey to the corner of Sharon and Rensford, careful not to get passed by the two women joggers we cut off.
  • Quick COP, careful not to get hit by the cars flying by on Sharon…SSH’s x 20 IC, merkins x 15 IC, mountain climbers x 15 IC
  • Run down Sharon to Chilton, flying by the SIB guys.
  • Mary at Chilton for the 6, partner up.
  • Partner A runs up Sharon to Briarcliff; Partner B runs up Sharon the other way to the MPCC tennis court entrance; 10 squats at the top; Meet at the bottom for 20 LBC’s and 10 handslap merkins; Flapjack and repeat.
  • After each partner had run up and down both hills 2x, Mary for the 6 (planks, flutters, dolly, RT’s IC).
  • Run North on Sharon toward Briarcliff; backwards run from Briarcliff to Malvern; down Malvern to speed hump and AYG back to top of Malvern. Repeat
  • Mosey to church parking lot for merkin trifecta (regular x 10, wide arms x 10, diamonds x 10) and AYG back to base for perfect on time finish


Great to see a big group at Ring Run today – nice temperature and BRR season.  A lot of blinkies – safety first.  At the COP, I think the circle got a little close to Sharon Rd. as cars were going by during the merkins and mountain climbers – “Watch Your Legs!” – which became a theme for a few minutes until the real beat down shut everyone up.  After that, not a whole lot of chatter except Sprinkle who kept talking shit although he was too far back to really hear.  A lot of Ring Run regulars plus I coaxed most of the crew from our WTF3 BRR team into coming out…Rocky Top was afraid.  Always an honor to lead a great crew.

Tuesday – September 10 – no regular Ring Run.  There will be a convergence with the Fortitude workout – 5:45 at the Men’s Shelter.  Hit up Cold Cuts for details or a ride.

Thoughts and prayers for Hollins’s father in law.  Thanks Hollins for the take out – especially liked the part about telling your loved ones that you love them.  I need to be better about that.

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