OK, OK, I’ll sign up to Q……

Another empty spot on the Q roster, another beatdown by yours truly.  I know you must be getting sick of them by now.  According to Nibbler:  D-….Rev – hated it…..Money – bitched the entire time…..you get the picture.

There’s an easy solution !!!  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040C4FABAA2AA57-workout

Now Kiefer the millenial accused me of “bullying” people to get them to sign up to Q.  I would like Tesla’s feedback on Kiefer’s statement.  I have a prediction there.  I think the proper word in F3 land is “headlocking”.  It’s not ‘bullying’……..wah, wah, poor Kiefer…..

Anyway, with all of that out of the way, here’s what we did:

Circle up on site and warmup:  SSH, MC, L/R Hammy/Hip Stretch, Dying Cockroach, Squat.

Mosey to the bandstand at Hickory Tavern for an ab circuit.  15 fence leg raises, bear crawl the ramp, 25 knee-ups at the bottom of the ramp, mosey to the fountain, 20 situps with legs raised.  5 total rounds including the instructional round.  This took a long time all the way to 6:00.  Foo way out front, Kiefer accused him of cheating.  More millenial behavior.

Plank and some other stuff for the six.

Mosey to the street by the dry cleaner.

Break up into teams of three:  1’s at the bottom do the called exercise: squats, Hurley’s, Alt lunges, monkey humpers, maybe one more I forget.

backwards run up the hill to the stop sign, mosey back

Top of the hill:  plank, Carolina dry dock, elbow plank, hip slaps, maybe 1 more I forget.

Mosey home and do 10 burpees to close.

Spock VQ at ALS Tuesday – Kiefer defending the unfair bullying of Spock…

QSource today

Man in the Mirror Sat.

Stratford Y Sat with the Middle Schoolers

Holdouts next Wed. at Mac’s.

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