Teacher’s Pet

Birthday Qs in CORE can present a challenge. Given our respective ages, using our age for reps could result in a death so the Q has to be careful. As a result, YHC decided not to be creative and stuck with an old, reliable plan.

Warm up: merkins x 10; SSH x 20; MC x 20; Copperhead squats x 15; hamstring stretch (R/L)

Mosey to field with KB. Partner up.

Team Exercise. Partner 1 does exercise, Partner 2 runs to middle of field and back, flap jack until team exercise is finished. Exercises were: 100 two hand overhead KB press; 200 KB louganis, 300 KB goblet squats. Shoulders, core, legs.

Partner up: 10 partner hand slap merkins; 10 partner WW2 situps; Rinse and Repeat x 3. For the record, Hoe Down’s team did 11-Hoe Down always has to do 1 more than everyone else. He learned that from Charcoal.

Mosey to lot. Pax count off by 4. go to respective numbered station. do 5 merkins after each station. Station 1: 10 lunges; Station 2 15 Imperial Walkers; Station 3 25 plank jacks; Station 4 30 squats. Rinse and repeat x 2.

Return to bells: 11 KB swings; 11 KB hammer curls; 11 KB upright rows; 11 KB triceps; 11 two hand kb overhead press. Rinse and repeat x 4

Mary: Plank stretch; hamstring stretch and Hoe Down took us out with the Brazilian mind bender.

Announcements: Man in the Mirror at Salvation Army at 9 am on Saturdays. Rev and Charcoal need Qs.

YHC with the Take Out

NMM: Eventhough it was YHC birthday Q, the day was all about Hoe Down…as always. Hoe Down wanted to do all of the 10 counts. Hoe Down had to do 11 reps when everyone else had to 10 reps. We had to do SHUT UPS ( or something close) because Hoe Down invented the SHUT UPS. We had to close with the Brazilian Mind Bender and Hoe Down had to lead the Brazilian Mind Bender. Since he lead the Brazilian Mind Bender, Hoe Down wanted to be recognized as co-Q. Hoe Down even had to have the best “Hootie and the Blowfish” story. According to Hoe Down, his story is better than Foo’s. DRM called Hoe Down the “Teacher’s Pet”. Appropriate.

Playlist-Johnny Cash-“Folsom Prison Blues”; “I Walk the Line”, “I’ve Been Everywhere”; KISS-“Rock and Roll All Nite”; Detroit Rock City”; AC/DC-“Highway to Hell”; “Back In Black”; Cheap Trick-“I Want You to Want Me”; “Surrender”; REM-“Radio Free Europe”; ” 7 Chinese Brothers”; Smithereens-“A Girl Like You”;Tom Petty-“American Girl”; Hootie & the Blowfish-“Only Wanna Be With You”; Time’ and Luke Combs-“When It Rains It Pours”

Grateful to be with these men this AM (even Hoe Down). It was an honor to Q today.

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