Corn Hole Board Construction at Stratford YMCA

Four pax, 2 2.0’s and 4 teens gathered in the cool air conditioned conference room at the YMCA to finish the construction phase of our corn hole project.    T-Claps to Grapevine for all the materials and tools.    We finished 2 more boards this Saturday and now have four in total.   Next week we may start on design/painting if Achtung Baby agrees (He has the Q).

All the boys were engaged in the work and loved working with the drills to put the boards together.   Even Dr. Belding’s youngsters (both under 5) took a turn.   It was great interaction while giving the boys exposure to something new.   We measured twice and cut once but still didn’t get the boards as level as we like.  Shoe will have to come back next week with a level, ruler, and his saw to finish the fine details.

I was careful to take a picture of Back-up from the front so we would be exposed to any plumbers crack if such crack existed while Shoe didn’t get to practice his construction site cat-calls.


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