Don’t mess with the program

9 strong at Split Endz on a really nice morning.   Here’s what we did:

Mosey to the Selwyn Teacher’s lot for warmup – the same warmup I always do.

Mosey to the new Selwyn playground by the upper teachers’ lot.

One would think that some brand new, soft astroturf on the new playground right by the Split Endz Launch Pad might be a welcome relief both from a variety and comfort perspective with the Split Endz crowd.  Nope.  We didn’t even make it halfway down the 50 yard dash pad with a leisurely tunnel of love, which was nice and soft and dry.  You would have thought we were crawling on broken glass.  There were fart noises and claims that someone had a woody, and a cacophany of complaining that usually is reserved for stuff that is either difficult or uncomfortable.  This was neither.  And Nibbler wasn’t even there……  YHS was forced to abandon this great new soft pad and move onto the next phase of the workout.

Partner up for Do-Re-Mi’s partner Merican ladder.  Now we get a few calls to go back to tunnel of love, because this is truly uncomfortable….

Mosey to the new block pile where the original brick pile was a few years ago.  Each partner pair needs one block.  Mosey to Folsom for some partner work.

Partner 1 – exercise knocking of 100 reps of the called exercise, Partner 2 hit the stairs and back.  Exercises – lots of stuff that  you do with a block, around 10 different selections i think so probably close to 1000 reps per team.  This was harder than the tunnel of love on the soft carpet, but they seemed to like it a lot better (if you judge by the amount of complaining).

A couple of time reminders and we returned the blocks back to their home, mosey to the bars for some partner pullups, 2 min. worth.

Time’s up, mosey home.



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