Q Source @ MIP: The Beginning

We had 19 men show up for the weekly 9am Saturday Mission I’m Possible workout this week and for me every week gets better and better. The positivity and healing spirit among these men who have taken the next step to conquering their addictions is incredibly inspirational to me and quite frankly, the best part of my week. 4 FNG’s were among these brave souls and we had a great time meeting them and branding them with their new F3 names. We always remind them that any nicknames they came to the Charlotte Rescue Mission with are to be left in the past. F3 and REBOUND are the next change for the better in their lives and with that we ended up having our usual fun time in the naming.

One of the best parts of this week’s workout was the beginning of what will be a weekly tradition. Backup joined us to start MIP Q source which is meant to teach male leadership to these men in Rebound. If anyone reading this Backblast has a desire and/or gifting to teach please help us out by signing up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040c4fabad2ea31-mipqsource

As always, we are always in need of workout Q’s as well and you can sign up for that here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b4fa4ad2da1f58-2019


Here is what we did:


Stretches, SSH x15, Sharon Towers x15, Mtn. Climbers x5, Imperial Walkers x15

MOSEY to the parking lot for ROCK brother workout:

3 sets of Curls, Tricep extensions and Overhead press separated by sprints (forwards and backwards) to the halfway mark of the parking lot.

MOSEY to the parking deck (top floor of course) for chest and abs:

3 sets of Flutters, Merkins, LBC’s, Wide Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Rosalitas, L and R obliques and Carolina Dry Docks. And an inspirational view of our favorite downtown that all of us are blessed to live in and be a part of.

COT was the usual time of uplifting inspiration where individual members of the PAX were able to share their gratitude to the Lord above for enabling us all to be out there and to do this thing together.

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