Once upon a Tuesday gloom, YHC pulled a drive-by of Ring Run on the way to Fortitude.  A dumb thing to do… until Tardy hit me up later, saying he wanted to check out Fortitude sometime.  He grabbed Chalet. FoulBall wanted in also.  Maradona elbowed Orlando’s Q out of the way and we have a 9/10/19 date.  Not a Fortitude pax numbers record, but we got close.

The Thang:

COP for all to hear- SSH, IW, MountainClimbers, merkins… wait just long enough for the Pipeline van dropoff- and off to the Uhaul lot… EH a slumbering homeless man during various StepUps, dips, derkins… Mosey down the connector street to the triangle parking lot… backwards run, karaoke over to Optimist Hall.  Find some fine grass pelt for lunges, merkins, merkins and merkins… Mosey to the atrium, bunnyhop up the steps, confuse the security guard with loud noises, Boat OYO, LBCs, HeelsToHeaven… mosey back down Connector Drive, pause for some squats and Birdfeeders (TM), continue to the rock pile… Rows, ShoulderPress, Curls for a while then avoid motorcycle guy then hold rock straight out at shoulders (misallocated 10count pick goes to Foul Ball- ouch babe)… mosey back to the shelter hoops court for plank, JLo’s, Makhtar Ndiayes.  Grand Finale- The Kuechley (alternating skaters, jump lunges, wall sits for 8 periods ~8minutes).  Fin.

Naked Moleskiner:

Happy Bday, Headhunter!  YHC knew there would be some first time Fortituders so wanted to hit landmarks.  Numbers disallowed crossing major streets and Optimist Hall was a total shoot from the hip.  Cool spot and the security seemed to like our sense of stupidity.  He gave someone either a peace sign or “get the hell out of here in 2 minutes” sign… We almost lost Maybe on the train tracks.  He held it together for a shaky dismount and a score of 4 from the Russian judge… Mission accomplished on the rock pile with an assist from FoulBall’s 10 count- the evidence was after rock pile action when Flutie rolled into the basketball court, grabbed a ball and airballed a 10 footer… sidenote on Kuechley’s- Luke went to my high school (or vice versa)- St Xavier HS in Cincinnati.  We used to do this 8 minutes of heck at the end of weightlifting sessions.  It stunk.  We probably did 5.5 minutes today but then again the pax are 2-4 times older than when YHC did this at age 17.


So many good things going at The Men’s Shelter.  There are more opportunities than Fortitude- including Monday night headlocking at the shelter dinner.  YHC has done this- shelter guests love guys in F3 shirts.  Pipeline is a good contact there @jordanabshire78 … Country leading up a discussion of Men’s Shelter merging with Urban Ministry @CLTMensShelter for specifics… The Map: bible study+++ at Cotswold Brueggers on Wednesdays 0630 after Prometheus and Atlas per KC… Chimbote 2020 – last week of January.  Reach out to Backup @f3backup… so much more optimism.

Thanks for a great takeout by Maradona and his efforts to set up the day.  It was fun.  Now go vote!

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