Running With Dan

Everyone knows Dan won’t stop running. This morning 8 pax joined for pre-vote track workout. All 8 pax pushed themselves and got faster in the early, pre-polling hours of the morning. Nice work by all. I always like this crew and need to venture North more often to post. If you live in District 9, don’t forget to vote today.

Here’s the exercise stuff we did. Goal was to push pace throughout, with pace increasing as intervals decreased in distance. The solo 1000m started at recovery pace increasing to a sprint finish

  • 400 warm-up (yes, I’m considerate that way)
  • 2x 800m
  • 2x 400m
  • 4x 200m
  • 1x 1000m
  • 1x 400m cool-down
  • 5 min of mary

As a side note, apparently Sibling Rivalry’s exclusive track use contract has expired, lots of rogue happening out there. Almost like this track was open to the public. Weird.

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