SIB: Nobody knows my quirks, ’cause I’m not famous, no

Monday night email from Unplugged (F3Waynesville): “Hey I’m in town you meet at AG 0515?”

Reply: “Yup.”

Reply part 2: “FYI this is running workout think 7+ miles”

Unplugged: “What else you got?”

I offered up ALS and WIB. Hope he had a good workout.

We did OK at SIB this morning. Thought it might be too much recovery but no one complaining.

Warm up about 10+ minutes taking Swamp’s favorite route up Runnymede to Selwyn and down Tranquil to Chelsea.

Hills (try to follow along):

  1. From Chelsea – up Tranquil to Selwyn (jog back down to Chelsea)
  2. Up Tranquil to Hillsdale (jog right then right again down to Wales/Chelsea intersection)
  3. Up Wales to Hillsdale (jog down)
  4. Up Chelsea, left on Dellwood up to Chelsea. Long recover jog back to #1.

Repeat this cycle 3 times.

Then regroup for a few more hills – Dellwood hill, then over to Brandywine. From Chelsea/Brandywine 3 more runs – (a) up to speed bump; (b) up to Hillsdale; (2) up to Selwyn.

Cool down jog using Colony over Spacklers back to AG.

Miles: 7.7. Time: 1:00:00.0

Next two weeks: 9/17 – Timed intervals nothing longer than 2 minutes – easy to keep group together. 9/24 – Lord of the Flies week – most likely Swamp Fox Q.

Popper is the go to for taking us out on Easy’s off week. Thanks brother.

Witty commentary will have to wait for another day (or better backblast author).



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