The Spartan Warm Up

11 men posted to Sparta today. SCreech had the Q but was travel delayed Thursday night so I took the sub-Q, with no plan and a head cold.


Run up McDonald to corner of Lyndhurst and McDonald for the 4 corner half-pipes. Every step reverberated into my nagging headache….

Some Mary to gather the crew.
Lap 1: 20 Merkins every corner and backwards up the hills
Lap 2: 5 burpees every corner and backwards up the hills.

Down McDonald to tramp stamp park entrance, bump and intersections along the way dished out 10 diamonds each.
Into the park, new park, new equipment and very dark. Find an uncomfortable spot and do 50 pull ups and 150 dips OYO.
Gather the pax and head home…BOOM.

Pax totally confused when Screech (pre-announced Q) didn’t show. Some even got back in their car to leave….not that easy MoFos…0530 hit and follow me.

Ice9 demonstrated a new warm up routine which involved punching himself repeatedly just right/left of the old nut sack. I think it was endorphin enduing quick hit of testosterone…..hence his out front performance all day. Begs the question…does it hurt less when you punch yourself in the nuts as opposed to unfriendly fire. I think Skyline volunteers to help Doobie warm up next week. Gentle Ben also crushing it today without the warm-up nut shots…but he is also has the legal ability to write prescriptions…

Scout back for a 2nd week to Sparta…1 more week and he’ll be a regular. Good to have some youth to bring down the average age into the 30’s.

Fun Facts: Teaser Pony is a work horse, Skyline get’s a 30% AARP discount on exercises, Pate and Eli made it despite a late night of football watching, and Marilyn is a drug mule.

ChairThrower with the take out, reminding us of the brotherhood we choose to be apart of and the impact it makes. Love you men!

-Redd Foxx

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