TMP- still undefeated

There’s Monday Night Football and Tuesday Morning Posts.  If you took TMP RingRun pax minus 9 over Bengals MNF points scored…. you win!  13 dudes passed out early Monday night watching Steelers/Bengals and had no choice but to run in circles to forget about it.

The Thang:

Mosey out Colville to jaunt over to Museum Dr to The Mint for COP: SSH, IW, Birdfeeders.  2 stop Suicide in the parking lot with JumpSquats x 10 after each lap… Mosey south on Randolph to left into Billingsville Elementary.  Suicide with 2 stops in the back lot (the lot where you show up for tutoring) with JumpLunges x 10 after each lap… Mosey out to Randolph, south on Randolph to The Hill.  Pace yourself up The Hill, wait for the six, right on Wendover to Providence… Obligatory Merkins x10 IC and mosey back home.

Naked Moleskin:

It was kind of a ring.  More of a rhombus… Added straight line running w suicides.  Let those rabbits pace get going (Chalet, Tardy, Foul Ball).  Chalet’s strava wasn’t the only one that said 5.0mi (i had 5.04 including one game of pick up the six)… Hotober began like July: 75 degrees with 90% humidity.  The southerners at Black Widow confirmed Hotober conditions at that AO as well.  Pace yourselves this month.

Annnouncements-  Chelms is heading up a coat drive for West Blvd Ministry.  Now thru Halloween.  Bring em to any AO where Chelms or YHC post… Billingsville tutoring today and every Tuesday @ 4:30pm.  2.0s welcome.  Hit up YHC or Manziel (@sfogg) for details.

Prayer requests- Magellan’s 2.0 is rehabbing from hand injury… Dover’s uncle was in a bad car wreck on i85- back and ribs broken… YHC’s M’s uncle battling spreading cancer

Thanks to A&H for the takeout and to Tardy for lending the site for the morning.

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  • October 1, 2019 at 3:50 pm

    Thanks for announcement about coats (M or F, any size). Date is 11/2 – please make a note to bring a coat to at least one workout. If no one else is collecting at the AO you post at then contact me, Cold Cuts, My Sharona or Stinger. We’ll get them one way or the other.

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