#Charcoal Approved

On Wednesday night, YHC glanced at the CORE sign up genius and noticed that once again no one signed up to Q at CORE Meltdown so YHC knew, as Site Q, that he would be the Q by default. YHC was overcome with emotion-not frustration with his fellow F3 brothers for failing to step up to Q, not disappointment that CORE Meltdown was similarly plagued as other CORE workouts where the same people Q because no one else steps up; instead the dominant emotion was fear. Yes, FEAR. Fear that Charcoal would show up and once again be disappointed that the workout where YHC served as Q would not be challenging enough. For those not aware, Charcoal is a legend, an absolute beast. F3 Metro may have Checkpoint, who at 57 crushes the Boston Marathon, but F3 CORE has Charcoal. As Skoal once observed, ” Chuck Norris has a poster of Charcoal on his wall”. After a few deep breathing exercises, YHC remembered the guidance of Jocko that one must step into FEAR. YHC furiously researched old backbalsts where Eminem, the Silent Assasin, served as Q for ideas. Inspired after much study, here is what we did:

Warm ups: Merkins, SSH, MC, Copperhead Squats, Grapevine stretch-The BT STANDARD, not the mythical “Standard” that Rev suggests exists.

Partner Up: Partner 1 goes to one end of the parking lot. Partner 2 goes to the other end.

Partner 1 does 10 two hand KB overhead press. Partner 2 does 10 KB upright rows. Partners meet in the middle and do 10 partner handslap merkins. Partners return to their respective bells and continue with 8 KB reps followed by 8 partner handslap merkins. Then 6 KB exercises followed by 6 partner hand slap merkins, then 4, then 2.

Repeat pattern with KB curls and KB triceps and interveing partner handslap merkins. Repeat pattern with KB goblet squats and KB swings and partner hand slap merkins.

Flap jack to other side of parking lot and repeat pattern with KB exercises that partner did not do first time. E.g.-if partner did two hand KB overhead press the first time, he did KB upright rows this time. 10-8-6-4-2 of each KB exercise with corresponding number of partner handslap merkins in between each,

For those counting at home. 30 reps of each KB exercise is 180. 30 partner handslap merkins x 6 is 180.

After a brief 10 count:

Each partner did 10 reps of a KB exercise while his partner held the plank. Flapjack until all partners have done 10 reps of each KB exercise. Rinse and Repeat. 6 KB exercises x 10 = 60 x2=120 KB exercise reps.

Counting the warm ups, the pax did approximately 190 merkins and approximately 300 reps of various KB exercises.


Announcements: MIP needs Qs. Man in the Mirror needs Qs. All of the CORE workouts need Qs. As Rev appropriately said, F3 is great but we risk losing it unless we start reaching out to Kotters, headlocking new pax and stepping up to Q.


Rev with the Takeout

NMM: After the workout, Charcoal emailed YHC. Charcoal approved of the workout. Charcoal was adequately challenged. Charcoal approved! This was better than receiving an A+ from Nibbler. #CharcoalApproved-a brand that YHC will wear with pride until the next Q.


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