Just Do What You Want To

13.25 PAX for hopefully the last balmy Sparta of 2019, but you never know about this weather.  Here’s what we did.

  • Mosey left out of the lot up McDonald to the McDonald/Magnolia wedge that connects with Lyndhurst.  3 consecutive laps up McDonald to Lyndhurst, over to Magnolia and back down to McDonald.  During each lap, perform said exercises at each of the 5 speed humps.
      • Lap 1-5 burpees at each
      • Lap 2-10 diamonds at each
      • Lap 3-15 squats at each
  • Mary to collect the 6
  • Then backtrack up Magnolia to look for the 6.  Was is that complicated?  6 Collected.
  • Mosey back towards the school and hang a right into Tramp Stamp Park and over to the playground.
  • 2 rounds of the following
    • 10 pull ups and 10 shoulder tap merkins
    • Up Elmhurst to Poindexter for 5 burpees and 10 knee ups, and back down.
  • Over to the picnic shelter for dips and derkins
    • 20 dips IC and 10 derkins IC
    • 15 dips IC and 5 derkins IC
  • Mosey out of the park and back to the school lot.
  • Stop and the bottom of the lot entrance and plank for the 6.
  • AYG to the school, switching to backwards run at approximately halfway up.
  • COT

Random Stuff:

Obviously I haven’t been to Sparta in a while; at least not since school started.  The new cones in the lot where unexpected, but the bus parking spaces in the top lot are very roomy.  Pate made a very late entrance as we were moseying up McDonald toward the wedge.  He then made a very early exit during the very first lap.  Sounds like its was a Dumb and Dumber Turbolax type situation.  Thankfully he was close to home.  I didn’t see him long enough to even see how short his shorts were today.(#WIN)  Valdez apparently had a similar issue during the second lap, as he was running counter clockwise up Magnolia as a few of us were coming down.  I believe he found some solace in a portajohn on a construction site.  Again, very fortunate.  I bet his headlamp was useful.(#PREPARED)  We all know, that’s the worst.  I didn’t know this until after the fact, so I thought maybe he was confused by my instructions.  Then I saw Eli sort of meandering around on Magnolia doing his own thing as we continued with our laps.  Again, the instructions were pretty simple.  I don’t know what was going on.  We did mary for a few minutes after the laps, but Mr. Bo decided doing more mary to wait for the 6 was not sufficient.  We needed to go find them.  Eventually we found them near the top of Magnolia.

Again, being a Sparta Kotter, I was surprised by the new playground configuration.  Redd Foxx said there was a better place to do pull ups, but I decided we would do them in on the new swing set with the really large and slick cross bars.  I think Bermuda Boy was intimidated by the sheer girth of the situation.

As usual, Snots and Gentle Ben were out front all morning on the wedge laps, and Mr. Bo came on really strong on the 3rd lap.  It felt a little like a Benny Hill episode at times this morning, but we got in some good work and had some great laughs in the process.  That’s what it’s all about.

Remember the special HDHH next Wednesday at Suffolk Punch.  Sounds like some complimentary F3 beer will be involved.  What’s not to like?

Thanks for the keys Foxx!


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