The Last Day of Summer at Atilla

So October so far has given us a little reminder of what August and July are like just in case we forgot! So as YHC pulled into the AO and went to stake out some distance markers on the “green” at Atilla this morning it was apparent there would be no long sleeves and gloves today, and probably some real fragrance at COT to follow. So with a beatdown in mind and planned out and with 22 other pax we got right to work.


1 minute warm ups:





Mtn. Climbers

Mosey on over to the green for something Gaston this way comes:

Start at the endline and broad jump to each yellow stake (@ 10 yards apart)

At beginning and each stake: 10 burpees, 10 jump lunges, 10 WW II situps

Bear crawl back from the last stake to the beginning point.

Rinse and repeat.

2 sets appeared to be plenty for the pax so off to find some wall!

Mosey  to the wall and do the following:

Three sets; Wall squats, dirkins, regular squats

set 1: 10X each

set 2: 15X

set 3: 10X

Mosey to find a little bit of a hill for some triple nickel, another Gaston special!

Bottom of hill: Hand release merkins X 5

Run the hill

Top: Plank Jacks X 5

Repeat this five times.

Mosey back to the green for a Tesla Special: Bear Crawl Slalom! Quite a task with 23 pax. But fun and hard nonetheless!

Warm down with some rugby sprints:

Run side to side and then walk, 10 SSH

Repeat, 10 Copperhead squats

Done and COT!

Walk across and reform for another Gaston tradition, Pledge!


We didn’t stop for a lot. One ten count, That was about it. Little mumble chatter. Just kept it “hot” and moving. Had a lot to get done and we pretty well got it done! Everyone pushed hard and we kept the pax together by limiting distance covered but certainly kept the tempo up. A true core type workout. Eminem would have been proud. When you don’t get a lot of chatter out of Nibs you know we are moving. and again we may have covered 200 yards point to point. A lot of back and forth up and down. And yeah, the COT was pretty smelly. Just like it should be!



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