ManCave: Triple Nickel and Beyond

10 PAX hit the ManCave Sunday, listening to the end of the Panthers game in the parking lot, and wirth victory in hand, headed out for beatdown.

The Thang

Pax started w a COP in the parking lot, SSH x 20, IWs x 20, Copperheads x 15, Merkins x 15, and Rosalita x 20, then we moseyed over to the circle at the front door and Dips x 15.

Pax partnered up, while partner 1 ran the circle, partner 2 did Plank. After both ran the circle, second round was Mike Tysons, and third round was Carolina Dry Docks. Pax then moseyed down the hill to the main entranace at Colony. 2 rounds of dips x 15, step ups x 15, and squats x15. Pax then did two rounds of Partner Throw Downs x 12, and Partner Derkins x12.

Pax then set up three orange cones for some Triple Nckel (in honor of Tesla “fouuuuuurrrrr”). Pax ran up the hill stopping at each cone for 5 reps of Squats, followed by 5 reps of wide arms, followed by 5 reps of Heels to Heaven. Pax did plankorama in between each Triple Nickel. The last set pax did 10 Squats, 10 Merkins, 10 Heels.

After that Pax moseyed over to staircase by MPHS football stadium for a modified Birdscaltor, running the stairs from youngest to oldest and circling around the tree in the parking lot. Of note, HS football fans, the Mustangs are ranked #1 in the state, and #2 by the CLT Observer (I know doesnt make sense) but there is a possibility that this team will be parading with the State Chapionship Trophy in two months. Then mosey back to shovel flag.


Pax enjoyed having Bel Air out, who has hit 65 of the 66 workouts in Metro this year, with Diamondhead to finsih it up Monday monring. Impressive. Encourage Pax to get involved w MIP and Salvation Army on Saturday mornings. Thanks to Fugitive to take out!

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