Community Matters

The cool down in temps brought 19 out to the Charlotte Rescue Mission for MIP.  Neither meetings, nor additional traffic and road closures (from the other awesome uptown event last weekend) could keep the crew away.  Valdez and M-80 even ran in from the Green to make sure they showed for the crew.  Here’s what we did:

Warm up:
SSH/Merkins/Heels to Heaven/Copperhead Squats- wait for guys from CRM to end their meeting

Repeat SSH/Gorilla walk/Chimp Walk/More Merkins/HIGH Plank Hold/Low Plank Hold… time to mosey

Mosey to Cedar Yard Parking Lot.
Grab a rock… no not that rock grab a second rock.
Push Press move right, Goblet Squats, the move right, Tricep Extensions
Partner up:  Partner 1 Run up the stairs, across deck, and back to group.  Partner 2 Exercise:  Repeat x3
(Exercises included, more squats, Russian Twist, curls).

Mosey to Hill St:  Wall Sit for the 6.
Hill St. Suicide 6:   5 telephone poles line Hill St.  Go to each one, at the wall do 10 push presses each.  (Rules meant must go each pole once, so your choice on the order).  Mosey Back to W. 1st Street.  Wall sits again as wait for traffic.  Jailbreak back to COT.  (Dips and Derkins while wait for the 6).

After a long hiatus was good to be back.  Zookeeper informed Marv, about 10 minutes before the work out, how the parking deck at Mint Street has become a staple of the MIP workout.  While glad to hear between that and the race, it seemed like a good time to mix it up.  Throw in a later meeting, and several pax members running behind the weinke went out the window, and it was best to go off-script.  Glad I kept the Pax guessing what would be next, but partially because I was trying not to repeat too much as well.  Q-Source is off and running, so join us after MIP next week.  Gnarly Goat had the Q, so YHC knows the guys got some good stuff in last week.  Q-Source goes 10-10:45, and we added men to the PAX after the workout.  Keep the momentum from giving back to the community last Saturday, to continue to help.  Not sure where then ask.  Between, Beaver/Valdez, Rev, Deertick, Pipeline, My Sharona, Monkeyfeet… (the list is endless)…if you have a passion to help…there is always a need.

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