Fortress Friday 10/4/19 Run& Gun Hybrid

Pax gathered huddle their masses together for a simple Run&Gun Hybrid workout


Run intervals 2 minutes Race Pace, then 1 minute trot, 30 seconds walk, Fast guys run back to the six(YHC)during 1 minute interval, Bunch up again during 30 second walk. Rinse and repeat intervals.

Start Front of Church, Right on Providence Rd, Right on Sharon Amity, Right on Randolph, Right on Rutledge, Right on Providence Rd, Right into one way street back of Trinity  w/ Lap around Church.

Gather front of the Church, Finish out workout with  Tabata
Merkins, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Alternating Lunges, Dollies, etc



Pray for Robocop’s Brother as he fights cancer

Coat Drive

Saturday morning’s chopped full of community reach out opportunities. Join Gridlock at Midwood on Saturdays then head over to Salvation Army or MIP, or Richardson Y

ABH – Always be headlocking COT Respect#’s are rising and Hate and HateHates are dwindling

Simple Moleskin

Ran 2.8 miles, Coach bitched we did not hit 3 miles

Cougs bitched we were running and not doing merkins in the first interval

BackUp providing quality fellowship on the intervals

Two Toes running late rumbling and stumbling to catch the pax on Sharon Amity…is it just me or am I the only one  who mistakenly says “What’s up CamelToes…oh I mean TwoToes” ?

Great mumblechatter in Tabata Circle deciding which Presidential candidate one would have relations non political discussion by all on the left and the right. Debate 101, Not.

Bullwinkle = skinny fu%$er #keto??

Fortress is Great. Awesome why to kick off a helluva weekend. good solid fellowship and then pumped up to be with the 2.0s Sushi, Scarowinds and a Panther’s Home Win. Fu#k Yes!! #betterfathers..betterhusbands..betterfriends..betterbrothers..justplainbetterpeople

Push the Envelope, Watch It Bend   Lateralus



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