There Goes The Neighborhood

There was a time when YHC could pick up the Q to Black Widow within a week. And when I showed up the morning of my Q, there would be a large # of Pax close to my age.  Those days are long gone.

First, it was early July when Grizzly offered me the next available Q opening – in 3 months.  That’s right, YHC has been holding on to this Q date just hours after Snoop crossed over to Respect (signed up to Q after Snoop’s Respect Birthday Q @ BW).  First thing I did after I got on the Q calendar was buy one of the daily countdown calendars for 10/8 to make sure YHC didn’t forget (like Grizz would let that happen – the dude runs a very organized workout).

Secondly, during COP at the start, YHC noticed a widening age gap within the Pax.  There were a lot of young guns which made me question my decision to Q…

Oh, did I mention that back in the day, Black Widow met at Trinity Presbyterian Church with its easy access to multiple pain options on the road?  Currently, Black Widow has gone commercial and meets in the parking lot of a popular C-Rock retail spot.  Now, my age is really starting to show…better change gears before I start rambling about the price of gas and how the internet has changed everything for the worse…

The Thang

EC: Head over to Providence Prep parking lot. Run back and forth across the parking lot a bunch of times stopping at the porte cochere for Merkins & LBC’s

Leave parking lot – head down Westbury, left on Clover, left on Orient, cross over to the parking lot, run through Hot Box to wave at the Four Horsemen, up the steps, around the corner and roll into AO right at 5:30 AM to gather the Pax

Main Event
Cross Providence to St. Gabe’s – down to bottom parking lot
COP:  SSH/ Peter Parker/ Copperhead Squat/ Flutter

Over to base of middle parking lot
Run up steps on right, at top – Merkins x 10 at top
Back down steps to starting point – Knee-ups x 10
Run up St. Gabe’s hill to cross walk – Dips x 10
Back down steps to starting point – Knee-ups x 10
Run circuit 3 times

Head out of St. Gabe’s, crossing Sharon Lane to PUMC
Over in the main parking lot, partner up.
P1 planks while P2 runs up steps across the walkway down the other steps and back
Flap jack
2 rounds

Cross over Providence Rd. down Ferncliff to Audubon intersection
More partner work – P1 runs down and around round-a-bout/ P2 does exercises
Flap Jack

Head up Panda’s street – stop at speed bumps for Plank Jacks

Over to private road behind Woodlark Apartments
Stop at each speed bump for Jump Squats

Cross Sharon Amity – stop in office parking lot for more exercises

Finally, make our way back to AO


Chelm’s Coat Drive Shoe Gets the Coat Drive Going
CSAUP event to promote F3 in the Community WestSide Whoopin’
Multiple opportunities on Saturday to serve the community: Revolution/ Rev 2.0/ MIP (followed by Q Source) & Man In the Mirror
Billingsville Elem Tutoring – every Tues @ 4:30PM
Bulldog Matters @ AGMS starting soon
Always in need of Pax to take on new tasks and step up to lead in many different ways

So YHC’s plan was to take the kids out into the neighborhood to experience life on the streets of C-Rock.  There’s a lot to see and do.  Not many places you can be doing Knee-ups in Catholic church parking lot one minute and then plank in front of a Methodist church the next minute…

FIA has a regular Tuesday workout at PUMC.  When we arrived, they were in the bottom half (away from the church) of the main parking lot.  Both groups being in the same parking lot (albeit with ample room in between) seemed to bother several Pax.  In fact, STH warned me his wife Sir Mix-A-Lot was among the FIA Pax and if we interfered with them, Sir Mix-A-Lot would kick me in the groin.  While YHC appreciates the warning, I had no intentions of disturbing our FIA sisters.

Black Widow started near the end of Metro’s first big wave of success.  Back when workouts were having to be split in half (think Armor creating Fortress which created Casbah) to avoid problematic high-number Pax turn-out.  BW’s attendance has always been strong – just the Pax have changed.  At first, the BW Pax were the C-Rock Mafia in their ’40’s and has now evolved in to a collection of varying levels of Hates, aka the next generation.

YHC partnered up with two of the truly young guns: Pearl and Efron.  Pretty sure I was older than both combined.  Doubt they can fully appreciate at this age what all F3 has to offer (I definitely wouldn’t have at 18 years old!) but hope we can have some impact on them which they can carry forward in to the world.

For you new guys and young guys, Metro can use your help.  We have a lot of HIM’s who have incredible ideas to make us better men (as well as the Community around us) but we need more Pax to step up and lend a hand!

There are many opportunities across all 3 F’s which need more man power to reach their full potential.  See YHC if you want to help – we will find the right fit for you.

Thanks Grizz for the keys.  It is always an honor to lead the Pax of BW.  Had a blast taking them around the neighborhood. Missed Tebow – where is he hiding?







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