This was a great route, and you missed it

This is a big circle route. It will of course be run counter clockwise. Can’t wait to see you there.

The Route:

Turn by turn:

Left out of the lot, Left onto Hopedale Avenue, Left onto Queens Road West 0.3, Continue on East Boulevard 0.6, Continue on West Boulevard 2.3, Left onto South Tryon Street 2.5, Left onto Foster Avenue 3.7, Continue on New Bern Street 3.9, Continue on Marsh Road 4.1, Left onto Park Road 5.4, Right onto Princeton Avenue 5.5, Right onto Queens Road West 6.3, Arrive at Finish 8.0

Tomorrow’s run will be at an easy pace but if you want to race…

Let Me Run has the Charlotte Mile and SpringFest 5k on May 19th. The Charlotte Mile will have cash prizes and a championship belt for the team with the most members. I created an F3 Metro team which would has no shortage of fast runners, we just need runners willing to toe the line. Who wants to race me?

The Charlotte Mile will begin at 8:00 am 

LMR 5K will start at 9:00am

Both races are open to the public and will benefit Let Me Run, a nonprofit holistic health program that inspires boys through the power of running to be courageous enough to be themselves, to build healthy relationships, and to live an active lifestyle. The 5k is Let Me Run’s end-of-season race where the boys celebrate their emotional, social and physical growth.

Whitehall Corporate Center (3600 Arco Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28272)



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