The wrong stairs……

20 strong at Attilla showed up for a perfect morning.  According to Tesla during the takeout, the humidity was 17% and the wind was Northwesterly, 8 miles per hour.

Here’s what we did:

Grapevine opening:

Warmup:  SSH, IW, Squat, Flutter, hip slap, L/R Hip & Hammy stretch

Mosey to the Target Deck corner closest to the street by Wendy’s.  This happens to be the one with the most stairs.  I picked it on purpose.  There were many who noticed that #missionaccomplished.  7’s on the big boy stairs – Burpees at the top and xfit mericans at the bottom.  Legs and Lungs – check.

Mary for the six.  A couple of 10 counts, and pass the ball to:

Senor Chips for the second half:

Mosey to the bandstand at Metropolitan, doing some lunge walk and bear crawl along the way.  Nibbler kindly offered to take music-toting duties at this point, he wasn’t into the bear crawling so much.

Starting at the fountain, 3 rounds of Derkins, Step-up/Jump-ups, and Dip’s, run up around the bandstand stopping for squats along the way, 3 rounds, 10, 15, 10 counts.

Plank-o-rama for the six

Mosey to the Vivace entrance to the greenway for some People’s chair combo

Step up on the Vivace patio and partner up for a round of Do-Re-Mi’s FAMOUS Partner Merican ladder.  1 up to 8 and back down.  Always a crowdpleaser.    Arms – Check

Back to the Greenway for some more People’s chair combo

Up on the patio again for some Mary.  Abs – Check

or maybe that was after the merican ladder

Anyway, we were done at that point.



Billingsville on Tuesday

Coat Drive – donate

Tesla with the takeout


Playlist (Four for Friday)


Can’t Stand Losing You

Message in a Bottle

Every Little thing she does is Magic

Driven to Tears


It’s the end of the world as we know it

The One I Love

Man on the Moon

Losing my Religon


New Year’s Day


Sunday Bloody Sunday



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