Cupid Shuffle of Pain

19 PAX came out to #Revolution for some RUNNIN on this beautiful Carolina morning! We mosey’d for a lap follow by some quality SSH, LBC, Abe Vigoda’s and renamed Karate Kid’s to RKD’s! Followed up with some F3 baseball! hit every base, run to the fence and do set of Squats, Dips and Merkins for 4 rounds. Then the REAL fun began! Spiderman crawl on the rails followed by Balls to the Wall. 3 sets to make sure arms were nice and tired! Hit the Cupid Shuffle of Pain. Planks to Cupid Shuffle then shift on signal for right, left, kicks, mountain climbers (and thanks to Pipeline) merkins on the DOWN DOWN DO YOUR THANG! Followed that up with some quality running time to Skyview Hill for some good ole fashioned 7’s (American Twists and Squats–cause our legs weren’t burning enough after the run up the hill). Back to the field just in time for one intro round of F** F** Goose! Welcome 2 FNG Tin Man and Tuck Rule

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