MIP 23

It had been awhile since YHC had Q’d at MIP.  But it’s one my my favorites and when Valdez comes asking, you better respond in the affirmative.  Here’s what the 23 did/you missed:

The Thang

Circle up on the sidewalk for a lot of SSH (x30)



Mosey down to the rock pile

Overhead lifts(x10)


Stop on the bridge for some ‘drop it like it’s hot’

Mosey to the track

Partner 1 lunges, partner 2 runs

When you catch your partner, switch

Meet at midfield for some Mary




Mosey to the Pullup bar

Take turns doing partner pullups

Mosey back to rock pile

Go in a circle and count down from 5 for rock/squats



Stay afterwards for Q source


Strong group of 23…one of the larger PAX YHC has ever seen out.  Someone planted on the track…can’t remember who but they got back up and kept running.  Strong! One of my favorites time at F3 is naming FNG’s.  It’s good to see how creative the PAX can get.  And they didn’t disappoint on Saturday. Whoopi might be YHC’s personal favorite.  Originally from Macon, GA…Macon Whoopi. If you haven’t been to MIP lately, you should.  It’s seriously awesome and by far the best workout on W 1st St.  At 9AM.  On Saturday.





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