The EZ-SACK 15k

So since the media storm has finally calmed down after the ShitTank maybe? BB, I’m finally able to get up the SIB BB from this past Tuesday.  This won’t be as good but it will be better then everyone else’s.   With Nash getting his head right for the NYC 5k this weekend, Q duties were left to his co-site Q.

EZ-SACK 15k – 1.5 miles to the Whole Foods.  7 loops around Whole Foods, Oak, and Rusty Bucket.  This loop was slightly longer then maybes? Mama Ricotta’s Death loop.  That put us at the 4 mile mark.  Another mile over to the 4-sided Wildo.  Disney was there and he can only take the 2-sided so I let him off the hook.  2-sided Wildo, rest going down Park, then AYG up to Selwyn to AG.  15k on the nose.

Sack from Danny Manning Land: noticed a new guy before launch and was hoping he knew his way around SouthPark as I’m not really one to wait around (it makes you weak – don’t listen to the credo bullshit).  The little bald dude hung in there (that is what happens when you don’t wait around).  He spent some quality time with EZ making sure nobody snuck up on us from the back.  None the less, finished the full 15k and thanked me afterwards.  Much respect Sack.

Whole Foods Meat Market:  while cruising around Whole Foods, there was a group of mostly girls and Dread getting after it.  They were playing some jamz (Hanson Bro’s, Vanilla Ice, etc…) and throwing around some armor (5 lb pink dumbbells).  Whatever they were doing, at least they were doing something.  I thought for sure I was going to find EZ and Shank up there giving pointers.

HalloweenTank:  open invite to HalloweenTank on Thursday.  I’m going to try and recreate maybes? workout from last week.  Or not.  And if it storms, we will be outside.  If not, we will be in a new parking deck.  Roscoe doesn’t scare me.  Who has the ballz to show up?


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