Was that actually a boot camp?

That was the caption on Bel Air’s Strava post Tuesday.  My response to that question and his related emoji would be “No, it was a ‘Run with Pain Stations'” per the official workout style on the F3 Metro website.  I tried to keep the workout aligned with that so we got about 5 miles and some pain stations.

Specifically, here’s what went down…

  • Run to bottom of Colville hill at corner of Colville and Scotland for quick COP – SSH’s x 10, merkins x 10 (Pain Station #1) (more of a warmup)
  • Run to Cherokee for Pain Station #2 – planks – regular, elbows, plankjacks
  • Run through Mint Museum lot to Greenway and all the way down Greenway for Pain Station #3 – Mary – flutters, dollies, Russian Twists
  • Up Blue’s Hill 3x – which is a pain station in itself (#4); after third time up, squats at the top in case your quads weren’t feeling it yet
  • Run to Vernon for some more mary.
  • A few sequences up and down Vernon and AYG home.

Big crowd today and a beautiful morning.  We kept it moving with Chalet and Foul Ball at the front all morning.  Always a pleasure to lead this group.  Thanks to A&H on a nice message and reminder about making good decisions and staying safe.  Prayers for the family of the young boy who died in a car crash last week.  Thanks for the opportunity Tardy.  Until next time.

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