Big Hair’s Vigorous Veterans Day Dawn

Ten of Big Hair Monday’s most faithful turned out on this Veterans Day to bust their chops and be together.  We did both pretty well.  Here is what went down:



15 Burpees
Cement Blocks Goblet Squat, Tricep Ext, Russian Twist, Ball Chinian, Double Protractor, Overhead Press
Bridge Combo derkins/jump squats, count down from 10.
B’ball Court 4 count diag LBCs + Rock Hoppers + heel tap Jump Squats + Cross Fit Merkins + Dollies + Plank hip slaps + Flutters + 8 Count Body Builders + heel tap Knee-ups
Pond- Indian Run around lake
End All you got run back


  1. In a surge of honesty and transparency, YHC must confess to a few minutes of personal Q distress during which time a short trip to the forest seemed in order. Afterwards, all was well. One of the Pax offered YHC wet wipes, but they were declined.
  2. We made a visit to the block stack, which was rewarding. Am I the only Q using those things? They were useful instruments of pain this morning.
  3. We had a visitor, Pizza the Hut, from Naperville, who reports that that area is prospering with 200+ F3ers. What a good thing! Come join us again, Pizza.

All I can think of.

Veterans Days is a little more meaningful when it begins with a few special words like those we heard from MMOB this morning in the COT. We had a fine time together and as always it is wonderful for me to lead this fine bunch of men. Thanks for the keys, Rube,


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