#HardCore in tha #HotBox

#HardCore in the #HotBox sounds X rated and it could have been just that. However, there were no willing females in sight and only in our minds did the peerkyness abound. Damn

YHC rolled in hot at 0529:45 and grabbing my KBell the mumble of the pax questioning the appearance of the SnoopTrainQ was loud on my brain. Winkie in hand, sprinting into the #HotBox YHC exclaimed, ‘Next exercise is: Side Straddle Hop bitches!’ 

Just like that, 10 pax, thirsty for a beatdown, dove headfirst into the gloom of #HardCore… 

Warm Up:

SSH X 10, Imperial Walkers(regular) X 10, Imperial Walkers(reverse) X 10, Merkins X 10, Plank Stretch w/ Arm reach under(left, right), KBell around the legs X 10(both directions)

Main Event: 

KBell One Arm Swing Punch X 10(left, right), KBell Two Hand Press X 10,

KBell Goblet Squat X 10, KBell Russian Twist X 10


Pax grab Large Cinder Block(right hand), KBell(left hand) and Ranger Walk 50yrds;

Pax switch Large Cinder Block(left hand), KBell(right hand) and Ranger Walk back to start;

Repeat; KBell(left hand) and Ranger Walk 50yrds;

Partner up for: Partner assist Pull Up exercises(7 reps regular grip, 7 reps reverse grip, 7 cross hand grip)

Partner one: Plank with feet on CBlocks / Partner Two: Farmer Carry down/back w/ KBells

Switch and repeat.

KBell Reverse Curl X 10; KBell Two Hand Overhead Press; KBell Two Hand Curl-Squat-Push-Press X 10 (AKA Flying Squirrel

Pax grab Large Cinder Block(right hand), KBell(left hand) and Ranger Walk 50yrds;

KBell Right Hand Front Row X 10; KBell Left Hand Front Row X 10;

KBell Right Hand Side Row X 10; KBell Left Hand Side Row X 10;

KBell Right Hand Renegade Row X 10; KBell Left Hand Renegade Row X 10

KBell Two Hand Grip Relaxed Position->Hip Thrust->Curl->Squat->Push Press X 10

(AKA Bar Stool Missionary – starts with hard hip thrust!)

Plank on KBell into alternating four step. Left leg(step up, step back) Right leg(step up, step back)  X 10

Plank on KBell into merkins X 10

Pax return Cinder Block to stack and mosey with KBell high back to start

Two minute stretch and cool down


Inside the Ropes:

#NoodleArms and #SmilesAllAround, was the result of this fast paced and jolly o’ time workout. #HardCore is a non-running kettle bell workout #Dredd put together as he rehabs from plantar ficiatis. YHC has enjoyed almost perfect attendance since its inception a few months back. YHC feels stronger in several categories since posting #HardCore: overall strength, wit and general humor, accountablity to oneself and mental tuffness. 

Other benefits of #HardCore in the #HotBox: (1) encourages pax on all levels of fitness to sling KBells and laugh out loud at one another (2) engauge muscle groups you didn’t know existed (3) mandatory warm up session before and stretch session after beatdown (4) slows you down and helps you focus on form and technique (5) forces you to be aware of how strong you really are thru accountability exercises and strength movements(it ain’t easy boys)

Lastly a major benefit to posting #HardCore regularly is getting an oppertunity to work out with #Dredd.  Yea, he is our Nantan, the #King and he gets lots of kudos from everyone. Good for him. He has posted every week except once since #HardCore launched.

Seriously thou, #Dredd will tell you that he was the original #SadClown. #Dredd took a look at himself in the mirror many years ago and was filled with disgust. He didn’t like what he saw, a broken man.  Ask him and he will tell you that he is still broken. We all are…broken men. It’s important for us to surround ourselves with brothers like #Dredd. Give him a solid handshake or a big bro hug and you will feel an energy that’s different from the average man. He leads though love, commitment, accountability, consistently, candor and the list goes on. Remember, #Dredd is here for you. His pax. His brothers. Til the end comes. #Legacy 

#F3Nation is filled with #HIM.  We see it every time we post in the gloom. Be like #HIM you see setting the example by living the example. Leave no man behind, yes! Leave no man where you found him, even better! Next, bring more #SadClowns into the gloom. Make an effort everyday to spread the word of God and the work of #F3Nation.

There are so many men in F3 YHC holds with high regard and countless brothers that have helped my hopelessness become hope. Helped my weakness become strength. Helped my soul have purpose. Yes, YHC is broken but there is a fix: Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Post at #HardCore in tha #HotBox and see for yourself!





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  • November 13, 2019 at 10:19 am

    Who’s in charge of hype these days?

    Not sure that’s even a thing, but if it is a thing, I nominate Snoop. We need a designated HypeMan. We need you Snoop.

    I’m racing Saturday — watcha got for me?!

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