B-R-I-C-K-S is the new B-L-I-M-P-S

Before emoticons it would simply be “running with bricks – gloves preferred”.  That being fully disclosed on the Twitter, it still drew in 11 other than YHC.  That made for an even dozen making partnering easy.  The rest of the workout was not quite so easy, to understand that is.  It involved bricks, burpees (a Coach favorite), russian twists (Ukraine was not mentioned in the course of this workout), imperial walkers (weird with bricks “where do you hold them”), Copperhead (Raider [where has he been] named slow) squats, Knerkins (check the lexicon for that one), and StarJacks (an Atlas Original AO Q [Blue] Special).  That’s a lot of parentheses and brackets.

Warmup: SSH x25 and MtnClimbers x20

Moseyed around school to back of YHC’s car to pick out one brick per pax.

One partner ran with 2 bricks while the other partner did:

Burpees x10
Russian Twists x10
Imperial Walkers x10
Copperhead Squats x10
Knerkins x10
StarJacks x10

They flipjack/fackjlip then repeat with Partner One running with 1 brick while Partner 2 does B-R-I-C-K-S with 1 brick.

They flakflip/jackflak then repeat with Partner One running with no brick while Partner 2 does B-R-I-C-K-S with both bricks.

One last flipflop/flopflip and they were done with the main event.

The secondary event was Partner 1 in peoples chair while the Partner 2 ran across parking lot to do Derkins on 2 bricks.

They flapjick/flopjack then Partner 1 in peoples chair doing alternate curls with one brick while Partner 2 crossing parking lot to do incline diamonds on 1 brick.

They phlapjack/phlipphlop then Partner 1 in peoples chair with overhead presses using 2 bricks while Partner 2 crosses parking lot to do dips before a final


Perfectly easy to understand.

WWII with one brick x10
Boat/Canoe/Sailboat Q led

More partner work. Partner 1 doing exercise with both bricks while Partner 2 did merkins variations:
Tricept Extensions x10/Merkins x10
Curls x10/Wide Arms x10
Overhead Press x10/Stagger Right x10
Upright Rows x10/Stagger Left x10

The pax obliged YHC by lining up with the appropriate number of lunges to load the bricks neatly back in my trunk, before we closed up shop with bookending starting exercises of SSH x25 and MtnClimbers x20.


Thanksgiving Convergence @ AG @ 0700 tomorrow.

Friday Adjusted Start Times for Attila 0630 and Fortress 0700.

Not said but RevFloRiDa is still collecting $’s to cover turkeys for Charlotte Rescue Mission Turkey Drive.  Hit em up with turkey bucks to sunshinebazooka01@gmail.com via Venmo.

We met the 300 calorie requirement set by AO Management, so go on and have that 2nd or 3rd serving of stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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