Burpees for Birthdays

As previously mentioned, the bylaws of F3 state that if you are the Q on your birthday, you must do Burpees equal to your age. It’s my birthday and I’ll do Burpees if I want to!


During the warm-up, we did the “Grapevine”. Nibs wanted to know what Grapevine did to merit getting an exercise named after him. The first requirement is; you have to actually do an exercise.


So after the warm-up, we didn’t my patent-pending “5 minutes of Burpees”; 10 Burpees a minute for 5 minutes. That’s 50 Burpees, 17 short of the required number. I have yet to figure out why this isn’t more popular. I think I’m the only one who does this, although in Richmond where I have posted, they’ve done 10 minutes of Burpees.


Next, we moved to the Geneva Convention (Chlorine Gas) Memorial Fountain and did a circuit involving 3 sets of 10 Derkins, 10 Squats and 10 Freddy Mercuries. It was during this circuit that Rev sent some of his Michigan thugs to rough me for calling 5 minutes of Burpees. Given Michigan’s performance later than afternoon, I didn’t have anything to worry about.


From there, we headed to “Hooker Alley”, for disguised Burpees. Belly Touch at each streetlamp until Charlottetowne Avenue. Since we entered the street at the midpoint, we did 5 disguised Burpees. 12 left.


Crossed Charlottetowne Avenue to the base of the Staircase to Shopping Heaven for a round of another of one of my favorites: 3 sets of BBTW, Donkey Kix and People’s Chair.


Next, up the stairs and due to the crowd of shoppers, we went to the top of the deck, down the other set of stairs and to the rails for 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 sets of Outboards and Inclines in cadence.


Cross the parking deck back to the Street of Dreams for belly touches to the end. That got us the required 12 remaining burpees, with Omar and Grapevine leading the way.


Back to the parking lot for a little Mary and that’s it.


Complete disclosure, I actually turned 67 at 11 AM, not at 7:15 AM when we finished. Carrier wanted to know if I was really 67 yet. I had to go look it up on my birth certificate which is something Carrier does not have. Fun fact about Carrier, he’s really from West Virginia where they didn’t issue birth certificates until recently.


South Beach brought Money Hose (no relation to Money) from Raleigh. We’re always glad to have visitors. Omar is a Charlotte resident but usually doesn’t post here. Y’all come back!


When I was listening, I didn’t recognize any of Rev’s music (I’m like Keiffer except I don’t recognize much anything after about 1985) but I heard some people say they liked the play list.


Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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