Cougar’s inner Nibbler

19 strong at Split Ends – weather was perfect.

Here’s what we did:

Mosey to the Folsom Prison, Cougar stopped along the way to bond with Nibbler and the Diamondhead group.  I think Nibbler rubbed off on him.  Well maybe that isn’t the best way to describe it, but there was some kind of dispositional exchange, because Cougar complained the entire time, even on the stuff he seemed to like.

Warmup:  SSH, IW, MC, L/R hip & hammy stretch, squat, knee-ups, and several more mary exercises: Rosalita, Dolly, Box Cutter (new to Split Endz, you would have thought we ran 3 miles based on the level of feedback), LBC.

Jacob’s Ladder on the stairs:  7 rounds – Xfit Mericans each round – 7 down to 1 at the last round.  Chips and Pomfret out front.

Grab some wall for the six.

Mosey to the MPHS basketball gym front entrance.  Alternating arm/ab rotation: Merican’s, hip Slaps, Maktar N’Djiaye, russian twist, LBC, heels to heaven.

Mosey to the incline lot by the MPHS inner quad – backwards run up the lot, 10 monkey humpers, run down and do 10 jump squats, 3 rounds.  Someone saw us doing monkey humpers, that was widely viewed as a negative thing by the participating pax.

Short Mosey to the pullup bars – partner alternating pullup ladder 1 to 8 and back down.  One of the math wizards in the group pegged this as 64 pullups.

Mosey to the dumpster lot at Selwyn – new lighting there.  We did a round of 7’s with Donkey Kicks and Knee Ups (4 count).  3 rounds of balls to the wall, and a couple of min. of plank-o-rama to close.


Billingsville Tuesday

Christmas Party coming – wait for it.

Thanks Chips for the keys – always a pleasure !

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