WiB PreBlast- 12/3/19


  • Taking us back to a Lee Q from 2018..

“Warm up” before 5:30…

At 5:30, run Young Guns (#RIP) style (almost AYG, and definitely not mosey) into Freedom Park to The Stairway To Heaven (stairs past the bridge, past the trains/playground, right?) … #starting point

Up the stairs to the rails on the backside, 20 supine pull-ups

Chinese downhill to the pond sidewalks to run a lap around the pond, counterclockwise, stopping at 5 spots:

  • Convergence of sidewalks just past Hill of Hills and amphitheater, 20 chest-to-ground merkins
  • Where sidewalk splits to baseball field, 20 sumo jump squats (both hands touch the ground)
  • At bridge to Nature Museum, 20 flutters (double count)
  • At bridge to amphitheater, 20 Makhtar N’Diayes (count each time you push yourself up)
  • At bottom of Stairway to Heaven, 20 dips

Run back up the stairs…REPEATO until 6:05 – 6:10 (depending on where you are on the course) and then run back AYG/WYGL (Whatever You Got Left) to the starting point.

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