Changing the Game

13 Ring Run faithful for a cold, pre-Thanksgiving beatdown.

Run into the lot at 5:30 on the nose to get going even though Sprinkle makes his first smart ass comment of the morning that it was 5:31 and we’re off.

  • Fast mosey to the lot on Roswell behind Myers Park Baptist for quick COP – SSH’s, merkins, and mountain climbers in cadence.
  • Run down Roswell to Queens stopping at each speed bump and intersection for 10 merkins – total = 80
  • Mary
  • Keep running down Roswell to Colony stopping at each speed bump and intersection for 10 jump squats – total = 80
  • Mary
  • Hang a right on Colony as Sprinkle gripes that we just went to Arcadia in recent weeks and that it wasn’t fair.  I wasn’t at that one and there was no back blast so I’m not sure it happened.
  • Stop at the bottom of Arcadia hill for the 6.  Run to the top and mosey back down x 3.
  • Recover on the flat part of Arcadia and return to the bottom of the hill.  Backwards run to the top and then back down.  AYG to the top of Arcadia.
  • Run to Selwyn stopping in front of Sprinkle’s favorite store, KK Bloom for a dip o rama – 10 IC, 8 IC, 6 IC, 4 IC, 2 IC.
  • With some mumbling about making it back on time, run to Roswell / Queens intersection and then up Roswell stopping at each speed bump for 5 diamonds.
  • All you have left to the parking lot for a 6:15 arrival (Sprinkle got there at 6:16).


Had to dish it out a little for Sprinkle in the backblast today – he dishes it out enough during the workout.  That’s why I try to keep it moving – so he can’t catch his breath (and to stay warm).  All in good fun.  Arcadia hill sucks – it is a great way to get everyone smoked.

In COT, despite it being right before Thanksgiving A&H pitched the Netflix movie The Game Changers again.  I hope he had a plant-based Thanksgiving.  I did watch the movie and it was pretty interesting.

By the way, Coldcuts and I are the only ones that post-Ring Run backblasts…WTF?

Thanks for the takeout MMOB.


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