Kings and Queens

Anxiety was high at ye olde Ring Run as the Q spot was unknown as/of 515pm Monday.  YHC took the simple approach to keep nerves low in the wonderfully gloomy gloom.

The Thang:

Mosey north on Providence to COP at the corner: SSH, IW, Birdfeeders.  Mosey left on Hopedale, past Queens and stop at Kings.  Mosey back up Hopedale to Queens at choose your own pace… and mosey back down to Kings for some plankorama… Mosey left on Kings to Sherwood.  Left on Sherwood up the never ending hill.  Stop at cross street Hertford.  Choose own pace back down to Kings and back up to Hertford.  Pause for J-Lo’s (new and improved), Merkins, CarolinaDryDocks.  Continue the good way on Sherwood, pass over Queens and stop halfway down for AlGore’s and CopperheadSquats.  Mosey back up to Queens, reverse course, and mosey all the to Beverly.  Pause at Beverly for Diamonds, WideArms.  Mosey up the hill on Beverly.  Finish with one final Pace Yourself to AO.  LungeHolds and AlGore’s bc these dudes ran the gauntlet in 44min instead of 45.  Fin.

Naked Moleskine:

Sprinkle shouldn’t have lasting effects from his 3-5pm “cant find a Q” terror but pls keep an eye on him… 4.7miles on the strava due to heavy switchback activity…  poor Frozen 2 reviews from Chalet but dont let that stop you… tough to follow that up.


Come to the Table next week, Holiday Party this Saturday, Billingsville tutoring 4:30pm on Tuesdays

Great takeout by Hollins.  Thx for waiting on me today, boys.  Keep it moving

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