Couple Fingers of Whiskey

Just 5 hours from the final gun and sandwiched between thunderstorms, really poor Q scheduling by YHC.  Would any other pax have the courage to post?  At 0526: no.  At 0530: a foursome.  We ride.

The Thang:

Mosey south on Providence to right on Pinewood CIRCLE to left on Cassamia Pl to right on Providence to right on Harris Rd to right on Tanglewood Ln to left on Brandon CIRCLE to left on Sharon to left on Harris to right on Providence to left on Whiskey Ln.  Mosey around Whiskey Plantation at various speeds.  Back up Providence to home… we did stop for fun like COP, merkins, table, more merkins, and various merkins.  Fin.

Naked Moleskiner:

Impressive post by the courageous few this morning.  We got lucky without rain but the puddles were treacherous.  YHC saw a gator in one of em… Try as you may to harness Chalet, you can only hope to contain him.  We let him loose on the back stretch at one point and he was gone… Hopefully Dover got to a bathroom…   4.6mi on the strava.

Announcements: Billingsley tutoring at 430pm each and every Tuesday (or when you can make it- til around 6pm)

Prayer requests: especially for the sick and less fortunate.  Titan falls in there somewhere

Take out by Dover.  Well done.

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