Pinewood circle — Ring Run

After introducing myself to the pax since it had been so long since I posted here– MMOB then jumped the Q and set the work out in motion ( I think he thought I forgot how to do it ) so off the 8 of us went to Providence down the hill.  We stopped at the day care center for some warm up 20x SSH and 20x merkins and then onward to the main show.
We took a right on Pinewood circle which would be our home until it was time to head back.  We gathered in the cul de sac to the right for instruction where HE started having amnesia and could not remember what I said which is important because he is always out front.

trip one — up pinewood to cassamia to prov to pinewood and gather in the cul de sac stopping at all interesections for 5x cross fit merkins and 5 x squats –( 5 intersections)

trip two — figure 8 the course adding 5 lbc’s to the list ( 7 intersections) and back to the cul de sac

trip 3 — repeato of trip one

time got tight and we moseyed back just in time

The hill of pinewood has a little bit of a BRR feel to it and it gets dark and mostly goes up.  It is longer than you think to loop around.

Boy Scout took us out-

Thank you for the opportunity to lead,


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