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27 of the usual suspects ranging in age from 7 to 76. Out in front as we transitioned from place to place was, you guessed it, Indy. Extra Credit earned prior to the workout by DRM, Hall Pass and some others. I know that because I saw them running as I was driving up to the AO.

Since Starfish is moving to Austin, I decided to do a Starfish themed workout. Unfortunately, he didn’t show up this morning. Probably had some lame excuse like he was in Austin. But that’s ok. I wasn’t going to come up with something different just ‘cause he wasn’t there. And if you didn’t like the workout, blame it on Starfish. That works for me because he can’t defend himself if he wasn’t there.

So how do you develop a Starfish themed workout? I concluded we would do a set of exercises on the football field that spell Starfish. Hall Pass did this before for the Beatles with a ‘John, Paul, George and Ringo’ set of exercises and it worked for his workout. (Hoedown did this as well. He spelled ‘Shut-up’.) So what set of exercises spell ‘STARFISH’? I went to the F3Nation website and came up with the following:

S  Star Jumps

T  Travolta Merkins: Like me, this exercise will be retired. I dare anyone to try this again.

A  Alternating Shoulder Slaps: A merkin with shoulder slaps.

R  Russian Twist

F  Flutter

I  Imperial Squat Walkers: An Imperial walker with a squat thrown in between the elbow to knee touch.

S  Starcrunch: A dying cockroach but start with hands and feet 6 inches off the ground.

H  Heels to Heaven

So I got to the AO early because I was so excited to show off my new creation. Gathered a few of the early attendees there to explain how the Starfish would go down to minimize confusion, which sort of worked. Here was the plan:

We needed 8 groups because there are 8 letters in Starfish. Group one goes to one corner of the football field and does the S in Starfish, comes back to the center, does 1 Burpee, then to the middle of the goal line and does the T in Starfish, back to the middle to do a Burpee, etc. The 8 stations were the 4 corners of the end zones, the middle of the goal lines and the sidelines at midfield.

Each Starfish exercise was done 10 times. We rotated in a clockwise direction. Did this 1 time. For future reference, I should have had 1 round and spelled STAR and a second round and spelled FISH. It’s too complicated to give out 8 exercises at one time. But I did preprint instructions that you could read to see what the exercises were. As Bill Murry said: “I got that going for me”.

Now that I’ve explained how the Starfish works, here’s how it went.

Warmup exercises included the usual plus demonstrations of Travolta Merkins, Alternating Shoulder Slaps and Imperial Squat Walkers. Much grumbling on the Travolta Merkins. There were questions about which website I visited to come up with this. And NO ONE did the count. I had to do the cadence AND the count (1,2,3,1; 1,2,3,2; 1,2,3,4; etc.)

Next: 5 minutes of Burpees. You get a timer and do X Burpees, stop and wait for the next minute and then repeat. 5 minutes is 5 sets of Burpees. X can equal 5, 8, 10, whatever you like. If you do more than 10 in a minute, you get extra credit.

Next: to the railings and 15 outboards, 15 incline merkins, 15 inboards.

Next: to the porch in front of AG for Angry Donkeys. I got this from Deertick. It’s his fault. This is a set of 11s with Donkey Kicks and People’s chair air-press.

Next: to the football field for the previously explained Starfish.

Next: to the BB court. We divided into 4 groups for 2 rounds:

20 Dips on one low wall of the BB court

20 Derkins on the other low wall of the BB court

Bearcrawl up the ramp and down the stairs

Climb the Stairs and back to the start for 20 Dips, etc.

Next: back to the parking lot for about 2 Mary exercises and we were done.

By the way, the football field was exceptionally wet. And the music play list included nothing that was done before the birth of anyone who is less than 40. Sorry Rope.



HDHH: At Providence Road Sundries. Get there at 5:00 PM or 6:15PM (I’ve seen two times posted) for Starfish’s send-off as he’s moving to Austin Texas. (He will be there at Attila for his last workout.) In all seriousness, we will miss Starfish. He has been a true inspiration. There’s a lot of good people in F3 and he’s truly one of the best I’ve met. Our loss is F3 Austin’s gain.

August 12, a week from Saturday, 5-year Core anniversary workout. There will be (a) guest Q(s).

October 8: Core party. Hold the date.

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  • August 1, 2017 at 8:34 pm

    Cobains for not being there for the theme and thanks, @Pigskin, (I think), for the tribute. As noted, YHC was busy keeping Austin weird this morning.

    And thanks for the much too kind words, too.

    And YHC plans to be at Sundries no later than 1701 hrs tomorrow…

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