Gov & Run

12 PAX showed up for a modified variation of the Run & Gun today at Carmel Road Park. For those that decided YHC could not provide a solid workout here is what you missed:

Mosey to Church Parking Lot and Circle up:

20 SSH(IC)

10 Merkins (IC)

Explain the Modified Paladin 18 One Hundred and Ten Yard Sprints… (21 Seconds to Run 30 Seconds Recovery) While recovering 18 Merkins (Declining to 1)

Mosey to the Court Yard for Tabata (30 Seconds Work, 10 Seconds Rest, 8 Cycles)

Tabata 1 (Dips), Tabata 2 (Step-ups), Tabata 3 (LBC, Heal to Heaven during Rest), Tabata 4 Burpee… Mosey to COT


I appreciate Silent Bob giving me the opportunity to lead this morning and the PAX for following me. It has been a while since I have been in town on a Wednesday and I am glad SB remembered who I was on the Q signup. A special thanks to Boomer for giving me directions to the AO.

A few observations from today…1)Every member of the Governator PAX this morning are fit. When you have a crew that can probably al run a sub 7 minute mile you have to change it up. The Paladin and the Tabata are a UvU workout and allows the PAX to push the as hard as they want. 2) Gansta needs a hair cut…also considering a move into selling Band Equipment. Be careful, those soccer moms are a tough sell, so are business customers. 3) Groupon is trying to do competitive research prior to August Half IM, right now the Stack rank is Boomer, Groupon, Fort, WantAd, Titan, Cannoli. 4) Silent Bob crushes the running on Strava 5) Eye Chart was the free agent pick up of the BRR by Hailing Arse #YHCisinVegasthen 6) Chalet, Tardy, DropBox, Field of Dreams are faster than I remember. 7) YHC needs to get into better shape, and drop 20 lbs by Augusta

Here is a little random thought from a Kotter #YHC…F3 Counts, period. Work has me traveling 3-4 days a week and with that connections to people become difficult. 3 different beds in a week, is not luxury. When you pick a hotel strictly because it is close to an Airport or an Office Park you may be on the road a little too much.

Being out among the PAX this weekend at 24HOB and the past few days have helped push me to get better. There is something to be said about the lasting friendships that are formed in the gloom. Even if you are missing for some time, the PAX accepts you and gives you a positive outlook for the day, week, month…Don’t forget that when you post you may be helping someone have a better day…I know you all helped me today.

Thanks, I am headed to the Airport…..


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