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Naked Man Moleskine

12 pax showed up to listen to some tunes and get a workout in.  @Nibbler preliminarily graded it a C- and then downgraded it to D- during COT.  @Wuerffel gave it a B+.  The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

@Raider was there and the jury is still out as to whether his EH of YHC or of @Tesla has meant more to F3Nation.  Both @Tesla and YHC are glad that he decided to let us in on the F3 secret, though.  @Raider also reminded the group that @Nash was the Q for YHC’s first Metro workout at Bastion back in April/May 2014, so it was good to see @Nash there for YHC’s last official Metro Q.

@Carrier is now @Marrier.  Tclaps.  You look happy.

Saw @Indy’s mom (aka FiA @Santiago aka @LittleW’s 2.0) at coffeeteria.  She said that @Indy has been slacking this summer and sleeping in.  He was obviously well rested and out front all morning.

@Rev has a strange obsession/fetish with man sweat and has now posted a video of a topless YHC wringing out the shirt post-workout on the interwebs for all to see.  #Cobains for that in so many ways.

@OldBay was late this morning and since we took it to the circle drive at launch instead of down on the field, he had to wander around aimlessly for the first 3 minutes or so of the workout.  #Cobains for that but glad you found it.

@Pigskin counted in at least 4 languages.  The counts below are only approximate as YHC couldn’t tell what number @Pigskin was on when it was time to halt.

All of the tunes were from the Live Music Capital of the World aka Austin aka ATX aka my new workplace.


Mosey around the circle drive with mix of high knees, buttkickers, carioca.  Pick up @OldBay and head to stadium.

SSH x21 IC

IW x16 IC

Sharon Towers x11 IC

Toy Soldiers x11 IC

Copperhead Squats x16 IC

Mountain Climbers x12 IC

Peter Parkers x12 IC

Parker Peter x12 IC

The Thang

Stadium Four Corners

Run up stadium steps.  Corner 1:  Heels to Heaven x10 OYO

Run across stadium top row.  Corner 2:  Freddie Mercury x10 OYO

Run down stadium steps.  Corner 3:  Dips x10 OYO

Run across stadium front row.  Corner 4:  Derkins x10 OYO

Repeato for a total of 3x.

Mosey to field.  (@Indy says “Finally!”)

The Beast (666)

Line up on goal line.  At goal line, near 20, near 40, far 40, far 20 and far goal line, perform six of called exercise.  Sprint every twenty yards between stops.

Round 1:  Merkins.

Round 2:  Squats.

Round 3:  LBCs.

Round 4:  Wide Merkins.

Round 5:  Low Dolly.

Round 6:  Alternating Side Lunges.

Mosey to midfield.

Deconstructed Burpees

Squats x10 OYO, Cobra Humpers x10 OYO, Merkins x10 OYO, Cobra Humpers x10 OYO, Squat Jumps x10 OYO

Squats x8 OYO, Cobra Humpers x8 OYO, Merkins x8 OYO, Cobra Humpers x8 OYO, Squat Jumps x8 OYO

Squats x6 OYO, Cobra Humpers x6 OYO, Merkins x6 OYO, Cobra Humpers x6 OYO, Squat Jumps x6 OYO

Squats x4 OYO, Cobra Humpers x4 OYO, Merkins x4 OYO, Cobra Humpers x4 OYO, Squat Jumps x4 OYO

Squats x2 OYO, Cobra Humpers x2 OYO, Merkins x2 OYO, Cobra Humpers x2 OYO, Squat Jumps x2 OYO

1 Burpee OYO

Mosey to parking lot.

6 Minutes of Mary

WWII Situps AMRAP 90 seconds

Rosalita x15 IC

Penguin Crunch x15 IC

Box Cutter x15 IC

5 Burpees OYO

COT/BOM:  YHC took us out



  • London Homesick Blues (Gary P. Nunn) (Theme from Austin City Limits for first 20 seasons)
  • On the Road Again (Willie Nelson)
  • The Road Goes on Forever (Robert Earl Keen)  (#RaiderPleaser)
  • At Night in Dreams (White Denim)
  • The Underdog (Spoon)
  • The Way (Fastball)
  • Pride and Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
  • Me and Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin) (#LittleWPleaser)
  • Family and Genus (Shakey Graves) (#RevHatedIt)
  • Gin and Juice (The Gourds)
  • Timebomb (Old 97s)


HDHH tonight at Sundries 5pm til whenever.



  • Chicago:  September 23
  • St. Louis:  October 14
  • Austin:  October 28

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  • August 3, 2017 at 9:14 am

    great workout, went by quickly and yet sucked the whole time. Best part might have been the mumble chatter– nibbler was at his best.

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