Perfect Weather at Fortitude

Pipeline posting on behalf of Stogie:

20 Pax posted for a cool, dry morning at Fortitude.
The Thang:
Warm ups: SSH, Merkins, Imperial walkers
Mosey to N. Church St.:
– partner Derkins at each pole (12 each; 4 poles)
-suicides – to each of four poles and come back for 5 squats.
– Jack Webb- up to 8 and then back down
– 4 corners: N. Church, Liddell, Tryon, and 15th.  5 burpees and 5 squats each corner
Mosey to Law Firm parking lot:
– People’s Chair including push presses and jack lalanes
– lunge walks,   Bear crawls and crab walks across parking lot
– mini hot lap around law firm
6 minutes of Mary
Mosey back to Shelter for COT
Pipeline: Lunge Walk on Saturday September 9/9 to support Fortitude Pax at Men’s Shelter.  Event organized by Good Soles, a non-profit started by Charlotteean Jeremy Coffey that purchases and donates steel-toed work boots to Men at the Men’s Shelter, who are seeking construction jobs.  The boots are a necessary pre-condition for employment and often stand in the way of landing a job.
Lunge walk (or walk) 1 mile from Men’s Shelter to NoDa Brewery for post-walk celebration with Band and Brew.  Entry fee is a pair of work boots or equivalent cost ($25).    Registration starts at Noon on 9/9 with Lunge Walk to start around 1:00
Ice cream social at Tryon St. and Statesville Ave locations, preliminarily scheduled for Monday, Aug. 14th and Monday Aug. 21st.   7:00 PM Start.     The population at the Shelter is constantly changing; many of our Pax have been blessed with jobs and housing opportunities, which means it’s to time introduce F3 to a whole new group of Men.   Please join us to help serve ice cream and talk to Shelter Guests about F3.   Please reach out to Slaughter or Pipeline with questions or to rsvp.
Pipeline took us out.
Welcome 3 FNGs Ricardo (Lipton), Chris (Urlacher), and Property Law Loving Federal Court Clerk (Easement)
FNG Chris promised to make “Urlacher” famous
Welcome Oz to Fortitude; always good to have a visit from the Feds
Country and Pipeline are now conducting recruiting tours for prospective Pax (see you next week Clarence!).
Slaughter is Back!
Always considerate, Slaughter offered to get Country and Pipeline coffee, during their recruiting tour.
Country still hates Bear Crawls.
Happy is still Happy.
Thanks to Jedi and Gridlock for on-site Coffeeteria

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