2 is better than 1

so if you are only reading this in the short version you need to open the bigger version to get the pax list ++

20 strong showed up for this weeks version of fortitude !  Pipeline prepared us that he may be pushing it to get there on time coming from Statesville ave so we started with the idea we would slow play until he got there –  much to my surprise he clown cared it up early – we started out with 25x ssh then 25 iw ( slaughter Provided a back handed compliment that we set some high count record ……dookie) then 25x seal jack and 25x merkin ( kinda high cont for fortitude )

onward to auto bell / best skyline view in charlotte ( you should come just for this ) we did 4 corner doubler where we started with 1 and ended with 16x of merkin, squat, and lBc then planked it waiting for 6 with some right arm high ..

onward to some new space – upper west Liddell st ( it needs a name – likely regular destination since the rail yard asked us not to come back)

We partnered up and split the street in half running to the ends for 10 merkins and and 10 Peter Parkers — we did it 3x then met back for some Mary where Hillary took over and added some other exercise – he made up a reverse Peter Parker where move your hand to your knee instead of your knee to your elbow —- it needs a name

Now Hilary showed the Genious of his ability to come up with some new ideas ( the rail yard asked us not to come back-  which is where the coupons were kept) – he figured out that the new coupon stash at the dead end where we are safe from traffic –  so we partnered up again where one guy runs to the nexts street intersection while the other partner does coupon bench press ( it was kinda long )- we did this 3x

we then broke into some cadence Mary sowing some Russian twist and some other stuff then moseyed back toward the AO –  we planked up waiting for the 6 then counted it off ….. a few quick announcements then Balller did an Awesome takeout !!!!   He seemed nervous at first but came out with an awesome prayer !!

thank you for allowing us to lead this workout and thank you also on the Behalf of my side kick co q Hillary ( it was the third one – more to come )






4 thoughts on “2 is better than 1

  • February 15, 2018 at 6:21 am

    Thank you Guys! Baller did bring it on that prayer. #sandbagging

  • February 15, 2018 at 10:26 am

    Nice co-Q Orlando and Hilary. Thanks for the good perspective in COT as well Orlando.

    You’d get your money’s worth in a Triple Threat / YHC showdown, but the better match up would be a 2v2 game between Triple Threat and his former teammate Kevin Durant, and Pipeline and his fellow LSU grad Shaquille O’Neal. Rumor is there is a photo of Pipeline and Shaq standing together. #robandbig

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