Et Tu Brute

A balmy 63 degrees met 8 of Metro’s finest for a rare non-SubstiQ and dry Friday at the hidden gem of Casbah.

Quick stop at YHCs Tacoma to grab some pavers/stones whilst dodging the verbal slings of LoveBoat asking if this was the first time something had been in the bed of the truck.
Take pavers with us as we Mosey from Sharon Elementary down the Skulk to Foxcroft Swim and Racquet. Leave your rock by the side of the road and circle up for COP.
SSH x 20
IW x 15
MC X 15
Peter Parker x 15
Parker Peter x 15

Grab rock and Mosey down Foxcroft Rd to Warburton Rd. Perfect day for the suic-IDES of March. Leave rock at corner of Foxcroft and Warburton. Good news we won’t be running any further with the bricks.
Round 1.
Run to Pomfret 3 burpees, back to Foxcroft 10 curls with rock.
Run to Beresford 4 burpees, back to Foxcroft 10 curls with rock.
Run to Arbor Way 5 burpees, back to Foxcroft 10 curls with rock.

Plank on 6.
John Travolta x 10 L/R
LBC x 20

Round 2.
Run to Pomfret 10 squats, back to Foxcroft 20 curls with rock.
Run to Beresford 20 squats, back to Foxcroft 20 curls with rock.

Plank on 6
Christian Laettner
Heels to Heaven x 20

Round 3. [insert we don’t have time to do this again here]
Run to Pomfret 20 plank jacks, back to Foxcroft 30 curls with rock.

Grab your rock and Mosey to the bottom of the Skulk.
Oblique crunch x 15 L/R interrupted by some Sharon Elementary commuters
20 seconds staring at the sky. Its a big world and you and your daily problems are a small part of it.

Grab your rock. Alternate mosey and lunge walk with rock every two trees up the Skulk.
At Belknap 10 overhead presses and 10 squats OYO

Drop your rock in the back of the pickup and head to COT.

Naked Skine:
This morning started with a small batch of Casbah regulars posting after the return of Zion. Tardy opened by saying to YHC when “I saw you were leading I figured it would be something reasonable, not 5 miles like Benefactor did last time”. The thoughts of reason ended quickly once the pavers came out. Second year in a row YHC has had the Q on the Ides of March, and the second time YHC has led with suic-IDES of March. Tried to up my game a little with the bricks this year. Ran the risk of suffering the same fate as Julius Caesar when the Pax saw we were running to Warburton with the bricks. Warburton, by way, woof…Basically uphill to whole way, glad we didn’t run the suic-IDES with the bricks. YHC made mention of how the distance and topography were not well represented on Google Maps. A certain Englishman appreciated the vocabulary. Didn’t originally think we’d have a third round but my type A love for symmetry won out. Tried to keep the named college sports exercises neutral with the Christian Laetners and Heels to Heaven. F3s most neglected muscle group; the biceps got some attention today in anticipation of spring break. #SunsOutGunsOut Bricks were noticeably heavier on the trek home and the mumblechatter was pretty non-existent on our ascent up the Skulk as well. We hit COT at exactly 6:15 and 3.00 miles. See Tardy, totally reasonable. And the rain even held out until the drive home.

Chalet has the Q next week.
Keep F3 Hartsville and the family of Waterbug in your prayers.
PotHole with the strong take out.
Until next time…Onward!

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