YHC has been enjoying a little running lately and I wanted take the men of Fortress on a ride with me.

Started out back of Trinity with SSH, and Squats. Then mosey over to Providence Methodist for the smell of BBQ and some partner work. Partner one hop up the stairs, lunge walk accross and then back down. Partner two, ten donkey kicks, ten merkins, ten squats. Two rounds each.

Mosey now over to Foxcroft road for more partner work. Merkins and Plank while we wait on the six.

Run up Foxcroft, first road break 10 partner derkins each, at the top 15 partner sit ups, one brobee back at the bottom. Round 2 double up to 20, 30 and 2. PAX stayed at the top and ran the mile back to COT with a stop to plank for the six half way. 3.7 total miles! Good work all!

Lots of chatter on the distance and potentially loosing the six. We all made home and hope most enjoyed it. Shaking it up a little is good for us!

Announcements: Q’s needed, see Snowden or Chowda or just sign up!

Mens Shelter Breakfast 4/4, please go if you can. Good event for a good cause.

Chocolate box took us out.

always a pleasure to lead, thanks for the opportunity

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